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The Ottoman “Housewife”

This rare book is the third edition of Ayşe Fahriye’s Ev Kadını (Housewife), originally published in 1882. The book was transcribed in 2002 by Leman Erdemli and Zeynep Vanlı and is likely to have been a limited edition.

The book contains 876 recipes, of which:

371 are savouries, 279 desserts, syrups, ice creams and hard-boiled sweets, and 88 are pickles, salads and mezes.

The book also contains advice on table manners (both alla turca and alla franca) as well as the use of kitchen utensils.

The recipes in the book include the following:

Tomato rice

İmam bayıldı (“the imam loved it”, a stuffed vegetable dish) made with two types of courgettes

Stuffed shanks

Cold mussels with tomatoes

Lamb tandoori with aubergine

Beefsteak (a newcomer to Ottoman cuisine at the time)

Sabuniye  (a type of helva that goes back to the 14th century)

Hard-boiled tea sweets with clotted cream

Ice cream with apricots and pistachios.

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