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In the West-oriented educational setting of the 1920s, as part of the Ministry of Education’s initiative to send successful students abroad to help them gain […]

The First Architectural Project Competition for Ankara in the Republic Era

Façade of the fair pavilion designed in Byzantine style at the Mongeri studio, 1924. Büke Uras Archives.

In his final year at the school of architecture in 1925, Nazimî Yaver won his first victory outside the school at a competition entitled, “single house plans to be built in Ankara.” The organization was of particular importance, as it was the first architectural project competition of the Republic era. Nazimî’s award-winning single-storey villa project was never executed and the design did not survive to date. However, the house typologies proposed in the competition were inevitably connected to Ankara’s first master plan in the modern sense, which Berliner architect Carl Cristoph Lörcher designed and presented to the Municipality in 1924. The efforts to determine a typology comprised of single houses in gardens envisaged particularly for the Yenişehir region in the 1928-1932 Jansen Plan, undoubtedly carried traces and the ripple effects of the results of the competition experience which Nazimî won, even though it was never executed.

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