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Anıtkabir Project Competition Sketches

Front façade study for the Anıtkabir project competition, Büke Uras Archives

The total of 25 drawings Yenal apparently made for the Anıtkabir Competition in 1941 is comprised plan, cross-section, façade and detailed drawings. The design satisfies both the physical and psychological demands stated in the conditions of the competition. In the drawings in question, the design elements are markedly different from each other in terms of time and space (chronology and geography) and include elements from the architecture of ancient Egyptian, Seljuk, Mamluk, 19th-century Russian, and Nazi Germany periods. The search for spirituality provided through the oculus and the visitor’s perception of light was proposed as the most important design criteria of the mausoleum. It still remains unknown if Yenal ever submitted the sketches to the Anıtkabir Competition.

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