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Village Institutes of the Republic 1940 -­ 1954 Focused on the Village Institutes, one of the most dramatic processes of evolution in the history of […]

Broken Bits of Byzantium

The two-volume title Broken Bits of Byzantium is a rare book also published in French under the title Restes de la reine des villes. It forms […]

Woof Woof! Famous Dogs of Instagram

We are presenting The Four-Legged Municipality: Street Dogs of İstanbul, an exhibition that sheds light upon the adventure of street dogs, an integral part of İstanbul’s daily life in almost every period of the city’s social history, which changed alongside political, religious, and sociological transformations.

Inspired by our exhibition, here’s a selection of famous dogs of Instagram! Leave comments below and let us know about your favorite accounts!

1- TunaMeltsMyHeart


2- Marniethedog

marnie the dog

3- buddyboowaggytails


4- manny_the_frenchie

manny the frenchie


menswear dog

6- thiswildidea

this wild idea